woensdag 8 september 2010

Kvelertak - Kvelertak

I hate the fact Black Metal bands like Darkthrone try to incorporate Hardcore Punk in their Black Metal. The latest three records have a couple of good songs, but the majority sucks I guess. Pretty sure there are a lot more bands that try to do the same thing, but it seems there's only one that does it right.

Kvelertak is a Norwegian band, that plays a really dirty mix of Black Metal, Hardcore Punk and sleazy Rock 'n Roll. Unlike Darkthrone, this mix sounds really interesting. You can easily two-step while you have your mouth open and your claw in the air on this music.

Hands down for one of the most interesting acts of 2010. They aren't grim and frostbitten at all, which is a good point in my opinion, die-hard Black Metal fans will enjoy the Norwegian lyrics the most.

Download Kvelertak HERE

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